Peyton Simpkins: Program Director

Peyton Simpkins joined MoRE for Kids as Program Director in March of 2020. As a Rush County native with an enthusiasm for her community, Peyton brings energy and youth to the organization. As Program Director, Peyton oversees the program, organizes fundraisers, works with the treasurer to oversee finances, promotes the program within the community, and ensures that program standards are being met.

Contact Peyton at [email protected] or (765)-932-5449.

Marlo Chastain: Community Based Coordinator

Marlo Chastain became part of the MoRE for Kids team in March 2020 as the Community-Based Program Coordinator, responsible for running the day-to-day operations of this branch of the organization. In this role, she processes applications for mentors and mentees, makes and supports matches, and plans our monthly group outings. Marlo has a background in education and a passion for connecting others and encouraging healthy relationships.

Contact Marlo at [email protected] or (765)-932-5449.

Denise (Dee Dee) Small: Lunch Buddy Coordinator

Denise (DeeDee) Small has been our Lunch Buddy Coordinator since August of 2017. Denise’s joyful heart and love for planting dreams in the lives of our elementary students greatly enriches our program. MoRE for Kids has grown from serving one county school to serving six Rush County elementary schools. DeeDee is active in the elementary schools of the county and supports the other aspects of our organization as well with her passion and participation.

Contact DeeDee at [email protected] or (765)-932-5449.